Sunday, May 8, 2011

Reflection on Week 1-5

During 5 weeks, I have created 2 tasks on my topic, I did a research on my topic, and I made a survey for my friends.

First I did a research on a painting, which is "The Flower Carrier", I think the painting is interesting, and there are some meaningful stories behind the painting, so I chose the painting, and I did research on it, you can see my work in my blog also (if you are interested).

I also made a survey for my teachers and friends to fill in in the "comprehension stage", it's about art and drawing, because my topic is about art. Most of my teachers and friends helped my with filling the survey, most of the people have different answers and opinion, but I think it's still a very important information for me to know.

Now I am preparing for the next stage, which is "Application" and I think I will record my voice, make a short presentation, and I think I will upload it in internet.
Now I should prepare my presentation, so see you next time.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Planning of my work

-I will show my knowledge of the artistic technique by making a small poster, that introduce people to my topic, and somethings that I've been learning and researching.

-My opinion on the topic.

-I will interview ms.Judy and some friends who likes art.
To know other people's opinion on this topic.

-I will make a summary/ article of the interview.

-Reflect and make a small piece of art work/ product.

Small Changes on May 2nd
I think I will also record my summary, and make it as an MP3 file and up load it.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

*The Flower Carrier*

Our featured painting by Diego Rivera is The Flower Carrier. Notice the bold, bright colors he uses. With the use of shadows he makes the subject stand out from the background of the painting almost as if the figures are outlined. How does he repeat the colors? Compare the size of the man to the size of the woman. The man is carrying the heavy load, but he appears to be a smaller person than the woman putting the load on his back.

Diego Rivera ( de A go rih VEH r
ə) was born in Guanajuato, Mexico in 1886. He had a twin brother, but his brother died when he was only a year and a half old. His mother became depressed and sent little Diego to live with his nurse Antonia, an Indian woman. She cared for him in a small village high up on the mountain.

When he was six years old Diego's family moved to Mexico City. Diego loved to draw and his father made a studio for him by covering the walls with black canvas on which he could draw with chalk. He loved drawing soldiers, but he was not destined to be a soldier. He was sent to military school at age 10, but only stayed for a short time.

He enrolled in evening art classes at the San Carlos Academy of Fine Arts in Mexico City. He studied there for five years , but was later expelled for participating in student revolts at the school. These experiences were only the beginning of the controversy which would surround Rivera throughout his life. At age 16 he left and started his career as a painter.

(high lighting part--some key words)


The painting, The Flower Carrier, is a painting that used very bright color, and it really make the subject stand out from the other part of the drawing. The man who carried the bucket seems to be smaller then the women behind who seems to be loading stuff on the man.

Diego Revera was born in Guanajuato, Mexica in 1886. He had a twin brother, but he was dead, and he had a sister but she was also dead when he was 6. His mother sent him to live with the nurse because she was depressed.

He moved to Mexico when he was 6, Diego loved drawing, his father made a studion the wall was covered with black canvas, and so he could draw on it with chalk. He liked drawing soldiers, but his destiny is not being a solider. He went to the military school at 10, but didn’t stay there for too long.

He joint the art class at San Carlos Academy of Fine Arts, studied for 5 years, but being expelled because he joint the student revolt at school. He started his carrier as painter at the age of 16.

Who? Painter: Deigo Rivera

What? Painting: A man and a woman

When? 1935

Where? It’s in the “San Francisco Museum of Modern Art” now


This article is about a famous painting “The Flower Carrier” and a painter name Deigo Rivera, a short part of his early life.


It’s oil and tempera on Masonite, which is a kind of board.


I think he wants to express his feeling through drawing, and this painting is just his opinion about the community, because this painting has some special meaning in it. From what I’ve researched, it says that flower is a symbol of luxurious, but the flower carrier wouldn’t see that, because they are not “use values” but “exchange values”.

Personal opinion:

I think the painting is very beautiful, and it’s very meaningful, I think it’s a really nice painting, because the color is not very bright, but it’s clear and bold, and it’s really detailed, so I like this drawing.

The article is from here

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bloom's Vocabulary_Knowledge


Useful Verbs

Word Meaning

communicate information, facts or news to someone in spoken or written words.

A number of connected items or name written one bellow the other

Explain, detail, characterized

1. give an account of; narrate, tell
2. Connected by blood or marriage;apply to, be relevant

Discover the exact place or position of


Marking on a surface, using words or symbols


discover something after deliberate search

A particular condition where someone or something is in a specific time

1. A word or set of words by which a person, animal, place, or thing is known, addressed; Jae Jun Yoo, Amartapura,
2. a famous person; Abraham Lincoln, George Washington

Write an original sentence using the word.

1. My name is Jae Jun.

2. “Tell you a joke and the joke is Jae Seung is so handsome.”

3. Please describe what does balloon look like?

4. It’s related to my own business, so I hope you don’t touch it.

5. The Mario Supermarket is located at next to the Amartapura

6. I can’t find my pencil.

7. Can you tell us about your holiday?

8. We write the test with pencil.

9. Balloon has a state of gas!

10. Name 7 pencils that is place in the box

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

All About Blooms

As we commence this new Unit of Inquiry it is important that you have an understanding of Blooms Taxonomy. Simply put Blooms Taxonomy is a way for the sorting and grouping of different levels of learning. All learning starts at the lower levels of knowledge and understanding. We then progress to higher order thinking skills such as comparing and contrasting, making graphs etc to show how we can apply our understanding of new knowledge. To help with your understanding of Blooms I have created the activity below based on the book “The Outsiders”. Please complete this activity and post in your blog.

Activities using Blooms Taxonomy

1. Knowledge- select one character from the novel “The Outsiders” who has the qualities of a heroine/hero. List the qualities and tell why you think they are heroic.
I think Johnny is someone like a hero.
because he was really brave while saving the kids from the church, even though he almost sacrifice his life.

2. Comprehension- CONSTRUCT a time line that. summarises what happens in the story “The Outsiders”.
-Ponyboy met Johnny and Dally on the street
-They hang around because ther were still some time
-They went to the movie
-They met the girls (Cherry and Marcia)
-The girls doesn't have car to go home, so the Greasers decided to bring them home.
-They met Bob and some socs
-Bob brings the girls home
-Johnny and Ponyboy fell asleep outside
-Darry was angry at Ponyboy for going home late.
-Ponyboy ran away to the park with Johnny
-They met the Socs again
-They had a fight, Ponyboy was being drown
-When Ponyboy wake up, Johnny killed Bob
-They were panic, so they went to Dally
-Dally told them to go an abandon church on the mountain and gave them a gun
-They went to the church, and they had some rests.
-Johnny bought some food and supplies.
-They cut their hair.
-After some days, Dally came to the church
-They were getting some foods
-When they get back to the church it was on fire.
-Ponyboy and Johnny tried to save the kids who was still in the church.
-They got injured.
-They went to the hospital.
-Johnny was really in a bad situation.
-Ponyboy went home with his brothers.
-The Newspaper said that they were heroes.
-Two-bit was taking car of Ponyboy that day
-They were going around the city
-They met Randy (Bob's friend), he talked to Ponyboy about Socs and Greasers
-They visited Johnny.
-They Socs and Greasers had a fight.
-The Greasers won the fight, but sow people got injured.
-Ponyboy and Dally went to the hospital to tell Johnny the result of the fight.
-Johnny died after hearing the result
-Before he died, he tell Ponyboy to stay gold.
-Pony boy wants to share his story to other people.

3. Application- THINK of a situation that occurred to a character in the story “The Outsiders” and write about how you would have handled the situation differently.
There was a scene that Ponyboy and Johnny directly went in to the church that was on fire, if I was there, I won't just get in to the church like that, because it's really dangerous for my self, but I think it's the right disission for them to save the kids.

4. Analysis- IDENTIFY general characteristics (stated and/or implied) of one of the main characters and complete the table below.

Characters Name

Physical characteristics
-Thick Greasy Hair

-cocky, proud

Major challenges/problems
He have some problem with his father.

5. Synthesis-
CREATE an original character and tell how the character would fit in the story.
A character that's like a police, a "good" man, and truing to influence the greasers and socs to stop their fight.

6. Evaluation- DECIDE which character in the selection you would most like to spend a day with and describe why.
I think I would like to be with Sodapop, because he is like the nicest guy in the story.
and the description in the book said that he is the best looking person :-)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Term break--> March 26~ April 4

Starting March 26, we had a 10 days holiday, because we finished another term.
In the first day of the holiday, which is March 26, I was on the mountain because I had an expedition trip starting Friday. We started walking at about 9:30. We walked 10 km at that day, and I arrived home at 7:30.
The next day, my family and I went to the mall, to do some shopping.
After that I stayed at home for 2 days and I went to Bandung on Wednesday.
Actually it's because my brother and I was finding a game.
On Thursday I got a hair cut, and it's really short.
I didn't go out until Sunday. We went to mall to shop.
The last day of holiday, I stayed home to finish up my home works.
It was a really relaxing holiday, even though is short, but I think I get enough rest.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Introducing myself (edited)

I am 14 years old, and in Grade 9 at SWA. I come from Taiwan, but now I’m living in Indonesia. I like reading comics, making some useless stuff and taking some photos.
Drawing is my favorite thing to do since I was very small, even though I’m not really good at drawing. I think drawing is fun, and I think pictures can express my feelings better then long stories or lots of words.
Cooking is one of my favorite things to do, and I also like baking cookies and making cakes. I like making sweets very much, because I actually REALLY love sweets! Something like chocolate, cake, some cookies or candies, so I also like making it by myself.
I love this lemon tart that I made last time, and make them using the recipe my teacher gave me when I was Grade 8.
I like them very much, because they are delicious but not too sweet.

I also listen to many kinds of music, and in any languages, but mostly in Japanese, even though I’m not a Japanese. My favorite “singer” is called Vocaloid, even though she’s not really a “singer”, this is the link for one of my favorite songs, which is Melt.
So…this is pretty much things all there is to say about me.
See you next time!♡ヽ(●´∀`●)ノ